Amazon still holds the ranks of one of the greatest providers in online retail. However, if we take a look at its background, we can find so much more than a wide range of products “from A to Z”; namely, it also runs on a well thought-out and established system that manages to surprise the internet spheres on a daily basis.

How did it manage to take over the market and why is it still worshiped from the side of its users as well as experts? And, maybe even more importantly, how can Amazon help us?

When customers trust you more than the government

Based on the affairs in the digital world, which keep on piling, it’s nothing unusual that the customers are quickly losing trust in some of the big players on the market when it comes to protection of personal data. A company that has managed to successfully avoid that is no other than Amazon.

A study showed that Americans trust Amazon more than their own government. When it comes to sharing their personal information, they feel completely safe on Amazon – which could not be said for Google and Apple. The people questioned would recommend shopping on Amazon to their friends and close relatives without a second thought.

So how have they managed to achieve that?

Amazon is known by the fact that is places value and efficiency at the top of its priorities – even putting it above its own earnings. When it bought the retail chain Whole Foods, its first priority was to reduce the price of avocado, organic meat, eggs and other popular foods.

The billions of dollars Amazon invests in improving and expanding its services are most likely one of the key factors for a smoothly operating system and, consequently, for unconditional trust of its users.