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Configurator and website

Novak M is a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience in the production and sale of industrially designed medical equipment of high-end quality. Their brand Novak M is recognized in Slovenia as well as internationally. As proof of their quality and excellence, they can boast with two Red Dot Design Awards.


  • Planning
  • Design
  • Configurator development
  • Website development

Before / after

Before the renovation on the left / After the renovation on the right


A configurator is an extremely useful tool, with which we can offer our users a chance to interact with our products and bring them closer to the end user. In Optiweb, we have quite an extensive knowledge of developing configurators; e.g. we’ve created the complex configurator of water-cooling system for gaming computers for the company Corsair (USA).

Graphic presentation of products in the


For the use of the graphic material of tables in our configurator, we needed dynamic graphic material that can change according to the user’s selection. This is why it was decided to present the products with photo-realistic renders. The client entrusted this task to a rendering expert – Mirče Mladenov.

User experience in table configuration

We wanted the users to have an optimal user experience when creating their own examination or therapy table and – since the majority of people roaming online are visual types – we positioned the photo of the “end” table on the left side of the screen, since the selected table includes extremely important details that change whenever additional equipment is chosen. On the lower part of the screen, the user can always check the informative banner with an overview of the basic and additional equipment of the configured product.

The procedure of configuring a table

Our table configurator consists of three steps:

  • Selection of width and height adjustment
  • Selection of accessories
  • Selection of color

Clicking the “info” button shows a pop-up, where a user can find more information about a specific accessory and a warning about any mandatory exclusions or inclusions of other accessories (e.g. when selecting an accessory demands selecting another one). When selecting individual accessories, the picture on the left side changes in real time. The third step consists of user selecting the preferred color of the product and the photo on the left will again change accordingly.

Conclusion and saving the configuration

After the configuration is completed, the user can (depending on their location) submit an inquiry for the configured product or purchase the selected product online. Even at the last step, when the configuration is completed, the user still has an overview of the exact configuration of their product.

Users can save their configuration in PDF or they can save the code of their configuration – when they return back to the configurator, they can simply continue with their table creation by entering their code.

inquiries for configured tables without any digital advertising
completed configurations in three months

An interactive product page

At the top of the product page, users can see an interactive photo of the presented product and they can click on every hotspot on the photo, which shows them a short equipment description or the functionality of that specific part of the product. With this functionality, we were able to combine the informativeness of a printed catalogue and the interactive aspect of a website.

Designing a website with identity

Designing such a clean and sterile website reflects the field of medicine and health, which is Novak M’s primary focus. At the same time, we used sharp lines to reflect the identity of their company, the logo, their history, premises and their vision. Their website is thus just one of the graphic elements in Novak M’s mosaic, which nicely connects both print content and their industrially designed products.

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