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AS Gallery

Collection of artwork

The art collection of AS Gallery, owned by the Adratic Slovenica d.d. group, is an art collection designed by Matjaž Gantar, first and foremost reflecting the importance for the society and the employees, since it was primarily meant as part of the decoration of their offices. Today, the gallery’s significance is expanding with various thematic exhibitions.


  •  Planning
  •  Design
  •  Programming

Before / after

Before the renovation on the left / After the renovation on the right

Welcome to the online gallery

Our client’s greatest wish was for the visitor to walk into a different, clean space, where the main focus is on the artwork. The design of the website is therefore black and white, with which we emphasized the elegance of the site and visually highlighted the artwork.

We hid the navigation in the hamburger menu, which made for a minimalistic upper part, while emphasis was given to content. An important role is also played by colors and typography, which reflect the minimalistic guidelines of the entire graphic image of the company.

Take a look at the exhibition

The main directive for the presentation of the pictures was to show them in full and in the largest dimension possible. The visitors see each picture as a whole, with no hidden parts.

The site therefore presents us pictures of different dimensions and placements, while a quick overview offers us the whole collection with a simple animation, highlighting each artwork.

Meet the art categories

On the subpage of art categories we wished to show the categories of AS Gallery in an artistically abstract manner. They are highlighted with the first letter of the category, which hold an artwork that describes each individual category. The transitions between individual sections were rearranged into a one-page scroll, which clearly accents the categories and the technological advancement of the renovated website.

Meet the artists

We decided to present all the artists inside a category, stating their name and surname and presenting one artwork from their collection.

Clicking on the author leads the visitor to a subpage where they can find the artist’s whole collection. The search engine was placed in the upper part and it lets the users search through the collection, news and current exhibitions.

Meet the artwork

Our client’s wish was to show the photographs of the artwork in the highest resolution possible – considering the technical limitations of photographs.

We’ve placed the artwork on a white background, simulating the white wall in a gallery. Next to the portrayed artwork the visitors can find their main attributes – just like in an actual gallery.

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