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Making relationships work.

Competo is a consulting company, specialized in search and selection of executive professionals, HR consulting and people development. In Slovenia, Competo is a leading company in its field, so they decided to give a fresh look to their current website and to highlight their competitive advantages and present the company, its main services and the values of its employees in a modern and attractive way.


  • Planning
  • Design
  • Programming

Before / after

Before the renovation on the left / After the renovation on the right


The greatest distinction between the company Competo and its competition is the high-quality services they offer to their clients.

We wanted to present these services high on the homepage and this way highlight their qualities as soon as someone visited their site.

Search engine for the company’s services

Given that Competo’s services are fairly diverse and specifically targeted, we decided to prepare a search engine that would let the users of the website insert their input – where in their company they would need Competo’s services and what their main challenge is.

Presenting the team

Since Competo is aware of the importance of their team and gives them credit for the company’s success, it was of vital importance to present it in the most innovative manner possible. Next to the photos of each member we included their most representative quote in order to achieve a more relaxed presentation.

Synchronization with the employment portal

Competo uses an external solution for tracking job applications, which we placed on the website through API integration that allowed synchronization of job advertisements.


With their new site, Competo manages to obtain the majority of users that come to their site.

Namely, 81.28% of users that visit their site organically continue browsing through the website.

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