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Social Media Management

Outdoor gear retailer Iglu Šport is a staple among Slovenian adventure enthusiasts. Be it hikers, climbers, skiers or camping pros, anyone who’s drawn to the unspoilt corners of the mountains usually first makes a stop or two at one of their physical stores or orders their products online. Last year marked Iglu’s 30th anniversary and for the last 5 years, our creative team has had the privilege of managing their social media channels.

And just like Iglu’s followers always look for higher peaks to climb, our team wants the company’s online popularity to be constantly on the rise. And how do we do it? In Iglu’s case, it’s by skillfully managing the company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, constantly taking them to new heights with our mixture of experience and innovative approaches.

Social media management:

  • Social media strategy with post types and posting schedule
  • Copywriting and creatives
  • Community management

Fresher autumn days are perfect for some social media refreshment

At the end of this summer, the client’s social media presence had already become quite a success, but that didn’t stop us from aiming even higher. While our primary goal was to increase the visibility of the client’s Facebook and Instagram profiles, we also identified increased engagement as one of the key objectives.

We tracked the results within a 3-month period (from the beginning of August until the beginning of November), using Meta Analytics.

100% increase in Facebook reach? Not high enough! Let’s climb to 167 %!

We chose to measure the visibility of the client’s Facebook profile by tracking its reach.
Additionally, we tracked the increase in likes and page views.

The tactics we used to increase the reach and engagement:

Upgrading the content:

  • Selecting efficient post categories
  • Tailoring posts according to the season
  • Less focus on special offers
  • A glimpse of the “backstage”

Taking care of the community:

  • Creating more educational posts
  • Actively responding to comments
  • Personalising private messages
FB page reach
FB page visits
new FB likes

Instagram – when Visual Appeal Joins Forces with Strategic Tweaks

We tracked the visibility by measuring the reach of the client’s Instagram profile.
We also tracked engagement increase, which was our secondary goal.

IG profile reach
IG profile visits
new IG followers

Our go-to tactics:


  • Keeping the feed visually appealing
  • Testing posting time (afternoon and evening posts are more effective than the morning ones)
  • Personalising the comments

Taking care of the community:

  • Sharing follower stories
  • Responding to stories with positive stickers

And What do Iglu Folks Say?

With their witty content ideas, Optiweb’s team builds strong bridges between our brand and the community behind it. Promptly responding to followers’ comments, they also put users in the centre of the action, thus immensely improving their customer experience.

Andrej Colarič,

Head of Marketing

Overhauling your Social Media Channels?
Pick Optiweb!

Do you plan to manage your social media accounts yourself?

We’ve got 7 arguments that will convince you to tackle this challenge with Optiweb’s team by your side!

We take a holistic approach to managing your social media presence.
2. We don’t need any support by the client, only their trust. We work best when we have the freedom to test different types of content and analyse their effectiveness, both in terms of community response and visibility.
3. Even after several years of working with a client, we still look for ways to one-up ourselves and provide even better results.
4. We only swear by effective community management approaches.
5. Our designers make sure that the graphic elements in our posts are consistent across all your social media channels.
6. We tailor posting schedules individually. In the case of Iglu Šport, we realised that planning ad hoc is the way to go. In other cases, we plan posts half a month or even a whole month in advance.
7. We manage social media profiles for a variety of clients, from online retailers to recycling companies.

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