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Newsletter management

We’ve been successfully managing social media profiles of the elite Slovene outdoor specialist for quite a few years.

Additionally, we’ve been engaging Iglu’s strong community through other channels, using ads on social media to spread the word about ongoing promotions. Once a month, we also send them a newsletter.

Since we want to continuously improve our newsletter game, we’ve recently set ourselves an ambitious goal: improve open rate by 10% in only 30 days.

Managing a newsletter:

  • Overhauling the copy
  • Switching to dynamic creatives
  • Technical improvements

Iglu equips hikers for high peaks, we equip the clients for higher Open rates

The term Open rate tells us how many newsletter recipients have actually opened it.

When we access the performance of email marketing, we also have to look at engagement – how many recipients have read the content and how successful we were at strategically positioning CTA buttons. Their purpose is to lead the user to the online shop.

We approached the newsletter overhaul with the help of the following tactics:

1. We’ve always used the newsletter to promote the hottest discounts and events with added value for the reader. While we haven’t changed any of this, we’ve still added a few new perks.

We’ve started writing intros in a more relaxed, memorable way.

We now make sure to always promote products that are relevant to a broader audience (for men, women and children) to increase the chances of conversion.

2. We’ve changed our sending schedule, having carried out a thorough research of people’s online buying tendencies and adapted the schedule to our findings.

3. When launching a new promotional campaign, we always aim at uniting the look of materials across all digital channels. This way, the users know exactly which promotion the ad is referring to and can associate products with it more easily.

What does Iglu’s team say?

Optiweb’s specialists know how to prepare social media posts that bring us closer to our users. By quickly responding to users’ comments, the team puts the followers in the centre of action, thus further improving the user experience.

Andrej Colarič, 

Head of Marketing

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