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Iglu Šport

The leading provider of outdoor equipment

Iglu Šport is the leading company in the sale of outdoor equipment in Slovenia. They offer numerous products from top foreign manufacturers – Mammut, LaSportiva, Montura, Patagonia, Camp, etc.
The retail network includes 13 stores, offering a wide range of clothing and equipment for mountaineering, hiking, climbing and camping. Besides the wide offer of quality products, they place special emphasis on providing professional counselling to their customers about their products.
The main guide in the redesign was to visually update their eCommerce website, make it more functional and more sales-oriented.

eCommerce website:

  • Planning (categorization)
  • Design
  • Programming

Before / After

Before the renovation on the left / After the renovation on the right

Categorization and searching by brands

One of the main challenges of this redesign was the categorization of the products, where 17 main categories were combined into 4 main categories – clothing, footwear, equipment, camping. Besides the main categories, the head also contains the outlet and brands.
Further categorization was made in the mega menu. From the menu, the user can access some of the most important brands, which are presented with their logos. If a user is interested in all the brands, they can click on “See all brands” and access their alphabetical list. Each brand comes with a description, while below we can find all its products.

Product comparator

In the product comparator customers can easily compare any number of products. The comparator is a simple tool that helps all who are still deciding about their purchase. It compares the products’ images and content – their descriptions and the exposed technical parameters.

The product comparator can be used by both registered and non-registered visitors of the online shop – with the registered ones this is recorded in cookies, which means that the user can not only access the product comparator in the time of the session but also the next time they visit the store.

Sign in

Besides the classic sign-in of the user, we also assured a simpler sign-in through Facebook or Google account. Customers can shop on the website as non-registered users, but being a member has quite a few perks.

Stock in the stores and inquiries

Iglu Šport is keeping track of each and every one of the product in the stores, while the stock is updated several times a day. According to the selected attributes of an individual product (e.g. color and size), we can find out in which store it is available. An even easier way of purchasing the product is clicking on the “Add to basket” button and completing the purchase online.

There are instances, of course, when the selected product is not in stock. In order to ease the unpleasant situation as much as possible, we’ve replaced the button “Add to cart” with the button “Inquiry”.

Free shipping alert

Iglu Šport offers free shipping to all customers who make a purchase above 50€. If the customer’s basket contains products in the total value under 50€, the system will kindly remind them how much more they need in order to get free shipping.

Vasco synchronization

The users cannot see this functionality, yet it is of vital importance for the functioning of the online shop.
All product descriptions, images, prices and stock are synchronized with the software Vasco. This presents an enormous benefit for our client, since every change of the product is corrected only in one place.


Since the launch of the new online shop Iglu Šport happened only recently, it is harder to write about concrete results, because they need to be monitored for a longer period, together with our client.
Taking into account the goals we set before the redesign of the website, the overview of the analytics and the feedback we can firmly conclude that the renovation was a success; the new eCommerce website is visually more appealing, functionally upgraded and sales-oriented. It enables simpler business operations and easier communication of our client with the potential customers.

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