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Iglu šport – marketing

Facebook advertising and inbound marketing

Iglu šport is a store that offers hiking, mountaineering and camping equipment and was established 25 years ago by outdoor enthusiasts Matej Škerl and Marko Trobec. Today, Iglu šport is a leading provider of outdoor equipment in Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia. They provide the best brands in the world and even offer two of their own brands: Karibu and Outdoor Expert.


  • Facebook content and advertising
  • Managing Instagram
  • Inbound strategy

Before / After

Without our strategy on the left / With our strategy on the right

Goals and

Together with the client, we set two goals:

  • Presenting their online offer with the same professional and kind approach as in the physical stores
  • Increasing online sale

The challenge was finding existent and potential buyers and preparing content that would attract them. We found different ways but the emphasis was given to content, so we had to find interesting, educational and funny content for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Content and inbound marketing

Before the start of our cooperation, Iglu šport was relatively active on Facebook, but they didn’t have a properly structured strategy. First, we prepared a well-structured plan with posts that we followed every month and prepared a content plan that the client then updated with current topics.

The content included:

  • Educational posts (articles, tips on gear and equipment),
  • Lifestyle posts (Iglu’s expeditions, “guess” section, ideas for trips),
  • User-generated content (sharing users’ photos from Instagram),
  • News and current announcements (opening a new store, interviews),
  • Sales content (products, promotions).

Advertising campaigns

Since the main focus was on content, we mostly set our campaigns on post engagement. When advertising promotions, link clicks were also used, and for videos, we used video views, which are the cheapest among the three. These campaigns may seem simple, but they helped us generate a lot of purchases since the followers were offered something with additional value in an unobtrusive way.
With the help of custom audiences we targeted people who already viewed our videos, searched for specific topics on Iglu šport’s website or were generally active on Facebook and Instagram and then we found their lookalikes. When we wanted to show different products from the same category, we also used carousel ads.

Instagram and Facebook – results

On Instagram, we used a very non-aggressive approach, so we mainly focused on user-generated content, with which we’re achieving amazing results. The organic growth of followers reached almost 3500 in the span of 6 months. With user-generated content and the correct hashtag strategy we’re achieving a 25–30% engagement level, which is 300–400% above the average.

With the help of social media we managed to establish a strong support group, increase the traffic through Facebook for 20% and, consequently, increase the online sales through this channel, which now presents almost a quarter (23%) of their total online sales.

CTR with Facebook ads
return on ad spend


On our first meeting with the Optiweb team we felt that, together, we can make a truly successful story. We took an integrated approach towards our online presence and we came up with a clear strategy for our social media and the redesign of our online store.

Polona Braniselj

Head of sales promotion

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