Urban Kovač

Magento Developer

My story

Even as a kid, I was fascinated by technology, especially computers. That led me to studying computer science at the Technical School Centre Kranj. I soon realised I wanted to continue down that road. After graduating high school, I enrolled as a student at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana.
Coding at Optiweb is never boring; I encounter challenges every day and I gladly solve them.

If you work hard and you do your best, you can do anything.

Fun facts

#1I’ve played floorball since I was eight.
#2I surfboard.

They asked me …

What do you love most about Optiweb?

The positive energy and amazing co-workers that are always happy to help.

What’s the biggest challenge you came across while working at Optiweb?

Each new project is a challenge because there’s always something that differs from the last one. That said, the biggest challenge was definitely my very first project.

What do you do when you have half an hour of free time?

I spend a lot of my free time playing sports. During the evenings, though, I love to watch a good movie.

Why coding?

I love solving logical riddles, mind games and mathematical problems.
The harder the task, the more interesting I find it because I always want to know the solution. Coding gives me the chance to tackle such challenges.

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