Nina Lah

Web Developer

My story

I always loved spending time behind the computer, which is why I chose a career in computer science. I was soon thrown into the world of coding, which I really enjoy. I would love to work as a QA engineer as well.

Life is no piece of cake.

Fun facts

#1In my free time, I play basketball.
#2I love animals.

They asked me …

Which things would you like to further devote yourself to at Optiweb?

I want to gain as much coding skills as possible and I would love to dedicate some time to testing.

What do you do when you have half an hour of free time?

I use it to read great blogs, articles or books. If I have too much on my mind, I use the time to rest or treat myself.

What makes your day better?

Mostly the little things, such as a kind word, a gesture, a compliment, whether from co-workers, friends or complete strangers.

Would you ever try Bungee Jumping?

I think Bungee Jumping might be one of the worst gifts you could give me. Why? Because I have a terrible fear of heights and I don’t want to jump off a bridge on someone’s orders. :)

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