Have you ever wondered why Facebook shows certain posts on your news feed and not others? Are your posts getting great engagement one day and then the next you feel they don’t get the attention they deserve? It is highly probable that your content isn’t getting shown due to Facebook’s algorithm, which decides when, how often and to whom it will show certain posts. Let’s look at how Facebook’s feed actually works and how to tame it into our advantage.

#1 News feed is the eye into the world and the view isn’t coincidental.

Have you ever thought that, on Facebook, everything happens for a reason? The developers behind this amazing platform are faced with a difficult task, which is the consequence of its sudden growth: how to logically arrange the enormous amount of information posted by its users and show them to other users. Social media is based on people and, when they get dissatisfied, they go elsewhere. So despite the beliefs of many, the main job of the news feed is to make work easier for their users, offering only what it believes is more relevant.

#2 Facebook knows you like the back of its hand.

How does Facebook choose which posts to show? By using an algorithm. The algorithm is Facebook’s detective that constantly keeps an eye on you and tracks your behavior, clicks to pages, your likes and comments. Based on your Facebook past, your news feed will show content for which Facebook believes will interest you or which you are more likely to share or react to in any way.

#3 If you learn to understand it, you might become good friends.

Before we closely examine the analysis of all the factors that influence the choice of content for the news feed, we wish to emphasize that Facebook’s algorithm is an extremely complex matter that keeps on changing. What we’re presenting is a simplified “formula”, which includes only the most important factors.