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World of Toys and Board Games

The TojeTo team takes toys pretty seriously, meaning they make sure you’re never bored. The latest brain teasers and board games are available to their customers online as well as in their physical stores.

If you’re always struggling to find the perfect gift for your friends and family, we suggest that you check out the online shop TojeTo, where you are sure to find an idea or two.

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  • Design
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Before / after

Before the renovation on the left / After the renovation on the right

One + one = one?

TojeTo used to offer toys and board games in two separate online shops. Together with the client we decided to join these two into one online shop, while keeping these two main categories clearly separated.

We were then faced with the need for a new out-of-the-box solution for the shop’s main navigation. What did we come up with? Scroll down to find out! :)

Sliders are out,
side-by-side banners are in!

Keeping with the spirit of the company’s logo, we presented the three newest and coolest products in a colourful and playful manner, right after the main navigation. If a visitor switches to Board Games, he/she will see these products change accordingly.

Searching for Toys or Board Games?
Just switch!

Two huge tabs show the visitors what content they are currently looking at with the help of their sizes and color contrasts. This way the website can show the visitor not only the subcategories, but also the latest products, gift suggestions and best sellers.

New products deserve a special place in the menu

With so many subcategories, the mega menu is the only obvious and logical solution. We also took advantage of the remaining space by adding the two latest products from the category the visitor is currently viewing.

All about the customer

When a product is out of stock, we offer the user an input field where they can leave their e-mail. As soon as the product is back in stock, we notify the user with an automated e-mail.

The product page for Board Games provides the four most important qualities of every game – the number of players, the game duration, the recommended age and the language version.


There is an increasing number of people who love shopping in the comfort of their couch with a mobile device in their hands. An unresponsive shop and an outdated design can dissuade even the most eager “couch-buyers” from completing a purchase.

With the redesign, we have witnessed a 97% increase in mobile transactions in the span of just a few months. We’ve also noticed a general increase in visits through mobile devices. Furthermore, we have seen a higher number of organic traffic. Here, a thorough search engine optimization, redirects and rearranging URLs for all categories played an important part.

increase in mobile transactions
increase in mobile sessions
increase in organic traffic


We are highly satisfied with the final product. You suggested a great solution for merging the two shops into one and I think we made a huge step forward with our new shop.

Gregor Wedam

CEO, TojeTo

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