6 easy steps to high-quality website, efficient online shop or useful web application. 

Behind every good web page there’s a clear and solid web site plan. It’s crucial that the plan is made before design starts.
Planning includes
  • - keyword analysis
  • - competition analysis
  • - analysis of similar foreign web pages
  • - website structure proposal
Keyword analysis

Keyword research and analysis is one of the most important things to do in search marketing fields. No worries, we do it for you!

Competition analysis

We analyze the web structure, keywords, design and style of your competitors’ websites.

Analysis of similar foreign web pages

Following current trends is a must, so we always check your competition on home and foreign fields; this way, we can suggest to you the most suitable improvements for your website.

Website structure proposal

The structure of our websites is clear and transparent, so visitors quickly find what they’re looking for.

Launching a web site can be quite a scary experience…not for us. We register the domain for you and we also choose the best hosting service for your needs.
Establishment includes
  • - domain registration
  • - hosting
Domain registration

We advise you about the best possible name for your domain and register it for you.


We provide you with a fast and secure hosting solution. This also includes enough disk space for your content, e-mails and other data.

We create a page based on our expertise and experience, while we also take your thoughts and wishes into consideration.
Web-design includes
  • - choosing the color scheme and typography
  • - whole graphic design
  • - planning the user experience
  • - creating a responsive design
choosing the color scheme and typography

We advise you on choosing a color scheme and typography that most reflect your company’s core values.

whole graphic design

We select the appropriate visuals, icons and button layout in a manner that contributes to an efficient website.

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planning the user experience

We provide you with website structure and design that provide the best possible user experience in terms of use and simplicity.

creating a responsive design

Responsive design is included on all of our websites if not agreed otherwise. This assures great browsing on a variety of different devices.

We undertake our development processes systematically and with great care, so that the final products operate as flawlessly as possible.
Development includes
  • - on-site optimization for search engines
  • - social media integration
  • - responsive design
  • - loading speed optimization
  • - testing
  • - final checks and launch of your website
  • - web page development with CMS system
on-site optimization for search engines

We set the foundations for good search engine ranks of your page with proper keyword use in your content

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social media integration

We link your social media sites with your web page; this makes sharing of your content on social media platforms as easy as it gets.

responsive design

We make sure that the site is working properly on different browsers and different devices with which visitors access your site.

loading speed optimization

By careful examination of all the elements of your website, we provide you with a site that loads quickly and runs smoothly.


We verify and harmonize various visual elements, sub-pages and links so that your website works perfectly.

final checks and launch of your website

Going through content one last time assures us that there are no grammatical errors present on your page; we also include the code for traffic and statistic monitoring.

web page development with CMS system

We develop our websites on WordPress platforms and e-commerce websites on Magento. These platforms are easy to administer if you’re slightly more knowledgeable than an average use.

We provide you with constant support for your web page, so it always runs as it should.
Maintenance includes
  • - making the website work without any problems
  • - domain renewal
Making the website work without any problems

With constant system updates, there is no need for you to worry about your website being offline.

Domain renewal

We extend your domain, so you don’t have to.

The customers you’re looking for need to find you easily, and the content future clients are seeking needs to be quickly accessible, and we take that into consideration with great care.
Growth includes
  • - video and ad production
  • - search engine optimization
  • - google Ads
  • - Facebook marketing
  • - e-mail campaigns
video and ad production

The most effective and direct way to present your work to the target audience is with a video presentation.

search engine optimization

With systematic and regular web optimization, we make sure that your page is always on the first page of Google search results.

Google Ads

We prepare Google Ads for you; with them you can boost your website traffic quickly and effectively.

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Facebook marketing

We develop a fun Facebook application that entertains users, take care of Facebook ads and can even help you with proper content preparation.

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E-mail campaigns

Your e-mail campaigns will run smoothly under our watch; we can also prepare the campaign contents for you in advance.

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