Žiga Brodnik

Business Development and Sales Manager, Client Success Manager

My story

Whether it’s business or my private life – I do everything in my life with a lot of passion. I really appreciate my family and friends. I also love sports, adrenaline and nature, which always gives me the energy and the inspiration I need to tackle new challenges. I also enjoy conquering mountain peaks, admiring the views and meeting new people on my way to the top. To reach my goals, I rely on a winner’s mentality, which I also try to pass onto my colleagues and the whole team.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

Fun facts

#1... I lived in Denmark for half a year, getting to know the Scandinavian views on life, business and partying.
#2...I am a huge fan of the band Bajaga i instruktori. I attended more than 10 of their concerts and, during my student years, even helped to organise one of them.

They asked me …

Why Optiweb?

Because I believe in the vision and the development of the company as well as the way it is led. I also believe in the team and the vital role of sales in building great relationships with clients.

Mountains or the seaside?

Both. I like mountains when I need an active holiday and the sea when I want to calm down and relax, especially on a sailing boat.

Who is your biggest inspiration at the moment?

Elon Musk, whose views and ideas are changing the world and breaking the boundaries.

Your favourite movie, performer & song?

Movie – The game; Performer – Bajaga i Instruktori; Song – Moji drugovi

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