Žan Potokar

Project Manager

My story

I’ve always been fascinated by technology, which is why I’ve always known what I want to do in my life. After finishing Upper Secondary School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, I moved to Novo Mesto to study at the Faculty of Information studies. It is during this time that I also discovered my passion for project management and developing soft skills. My work experience has taught me that technology is just a tool enabling you to get the job done. Therefore, I see my mission as helping clients to adopt new ways of working. 

Help people around you grow. Give them enough time and support their efforts to become better.

Fun facts

#1I backpacked across India in one month. I love to pay taxes!
#2As a child/teenager, I suffered from a severe form of dyslexia, which is still causing me some minor issues. The beauty of dyslexia, however, is in the fact that one can really prospect in other fields. And I love to use this advantage.

They asked me …

What has brought you to Škofja Loka?

Every morning, I can’t wait to get in the car, play a podcast and drive to work. After only a short drive, I can already breathe some fresh air in a cute small town, say hi to the coolest team and enjoy the view of the Loka castle. 

What keeps you going as a PM?

Communication and relationships! Building a relationship with a client is a difficult and lengthy process, but I really enjoy it as it enables me to get to know myself as well as my competencies! 

Considering the unique dynamics of agency work - do you have any routines?

Of course! Morning is my favourite part of the day and I love to make the most of it. I get up at 5:20, start working out in a gym at 6:00 and at 7:20, I am already on my way to Škofja Loka. 💪

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Considering the unpredictable nature of 2020, I would rather not make any predictions. All I know is that I will still be waking up with a smile on my face and with a passion for reaching new goals! 

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