Tomaž Rebič

Community Manager

My story

Travel is my greatest passion and I always thought that I would work in the tourism industry. After successfully obtaining a degree in tourism and a few hotel jobs later, I discovered that I also have a great desire for working in the digital space. Marketing and social media have always been among my interests and that’s why I started to shift my focus to these fields a few years ago. And now I’m here, having gained most of my knowledge on the internet.
Working at Optiweb is a great advantage since I get to work with some of the biggest Slovenian companies and a diverse portfolio of clients. Oh, an Škofja Loka is also my hometown so it’s nice that I can also walk to the office.

Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will

Fun facts

#1I like to go out of my comfort zone, except when it comes to food.
#2Most people think that I'm an extrovert when I'm really an introvert.

They asked me …

What is your life motto?

You only live once and the point of life is to have fun! So start having fun!

How do you spend most of your money?

The only thing money can buy that makes you richer. Travel.

What makes you appear weird?

That I don’t drink coffee in the morning like most of my colleagues. Green tea FTW (For the win)!

One thing that you’ve learned at Optiweb?

Don’t forget to lock your computer when you leave your desk if you don’t want to buy drinks for the whole company and have a new desktop background.

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