Tjaša Pavlič

Project Manager

My story

As a corporate communications as well as graphic design graduate, I started my career in creative corporate marketing and later switched to a large advertising agency. Working on various projects made me realise that I am most interested in digital aspects of marketing, especially as it provides us with so many insights into a buyer’s journey. Therefore, I see joining Optiweb as a great opportunity to enrich my digital skills by joining forces with some of the biggest experts in this field.

Live and let live.

Fun facts

#1I learned English by watching Cartoon Network as a child.
#2I love travelling while also being afraid of flying.

They asked me …

How would you explain your job to a 10-year old?

Have you ever had to prepare a presentation together with your schoolmates. Well, my job is to make sure that everyone on the team has the same amount of work to do and that every team member knows what exactly they need to prepare and when. In this way, we can finish on time and present our findings to other pupils.

What’s your dream holiday?

Travelling without a plan. I like to head into the unknown, discovering new places, people and cultures along the way. I am particularly attracted by remote destinations that require me to get out of my comfort zone. And, of course, by hidden beaches.

How do you spend your free time?

I love to walk my dog and, at the same time, let myself get immersed in some nail-biter of an audio book. I also like jogging, playing board and video games as well as watching series.

What is, in your opinion, a superpower that no project manager can go without?

I would say empathy. Project managers communicate with all kinds of individuals on a daily basis. Be it our own colleagues or clients – every person comes from a different industry and has a unique background. If we can channel our inner chameleons in conversation, trying to really understand the person on the other side, we can successfully work with just about anyone.

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