Tjaša Bračko

Community Manager

My story

I first came into contact with marketing as an international exchange student and quickly realised that I wanted to work in this field. During my final year of studies, I immediately grabbed the chance to work as an intern at Optiweb, which did not stop me from also obtaining a Master’s degree in economics. Optiweb’s Let’s Boost program enabled me to gather invaluable work experience and meet passionate coworkers who greet me with a smile every morning. Today, I use my marketing skills to manage our clients’ social media accounts and write creative copies.

Never stop.

Fun facts

#1I used to play the violin and I still attend at least one classical music concert a month.
#2When I was 12 years old, I was the star of a TV ad.

They asked me …

What can immediately put you in a good mood?

A smile or a good quote.

Why Optiweb?

Because of the way the team works, the option of working from home, an amazing working atmosphere and fully-stacked kitchen drawers. ;)

If you could be a colour, which one would you be?

Definitely white – calm and simple.

What do you write down first when you get a new Opti notebook?

I actually prefer to draw something and add a sticker. :)

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