Rok Rupnik

Magento Developer

My story

Even before joining Optiweb, I had loved solving computer riddles; first at the School of Electrical Engineering and then at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science. Optiweb gives me the opportunity to fulfil my passion for technical challenges. In my spare time, I travel with my wife and friends or complete a crazy project with scouts. if I run out of energy, I like to watch a popular TV show or read a good book.

Try to leave this world a little better than you found it.

Fun facts

#1I hitchhiked at least 5000 km.
#2My favourite Slovenian song is “Ko Po” (Zmelkoow).

They asked me …

What has been the most exciting moment for you since working at Optiweb?

When I eliminated even the smallest bugs and had my first successful deploy, I was almost as happy as when I had worked on my first high school project and all the LED lights had lit in the right sequence.

What do you treat yourself with during a short break?

$treat = ( rand(0, 10) < 7 ) ? $coffee : ( $sweet_snack || $fruit );

What’s your favourite knot?

Alpine butterfly. It has a pretty name, it looks nice and it’s useful. It’s great for tightening a rope tensioned between to trees and you can easily unknot it.

What’s the best thing you can still get for no more than €5?

Two pieces of pizza “burek” on Zaloška. Don’t worry, one’s for my wife. :P

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