Pia Požek

Graphic Designer in Marketing

My story

I’ve always wanted to design things – from paper clothes for my Barbie dolls to fashion editorials in Gimp. However, during my fashion design studies, I came to the conclusion that working with graphics is my thing. Shortly after this realisation, I stumbled upon an ad for the Let’s Boost internship and the rest is history.

My back hurts from carrying around my great taste in music all day.

Fun facts

#1I have more than 50 indoor plants, some more alive than others.
#2I love gymnastics and climbing - although I'm afraid of heights.

They asked me …

Why Optiweb?

As it enables me to follow my interests and, together with a team of creative individuals, hone my skills by working on various projects.

What is your main motivation?

The sentence “Do whatever you want.”

You can't imagine your day without ..

Black tea, a good Spotify playlist and accidentally opening wrong computer programs, almost causing my laptop to explode.

Favourite TV series?

Definitely Stranger Things.

Let’s start a project