Peter Novak

Web Developer

My story

The world of computers is my world. I love technology, but I also enjoy working with people. After spending years as a passionate programmer, obtaining an MA in computer science and inevitably spending some time searching for myself, I realised that I am most fulfilled by managing people working on development projects. It is for this reason that my career path has led me from managing small-scale projects to being in charge of some really big stuff. This way, I came to the conclusion that bigger isn’t necessarily better and that environments with less people are the ones enabling you to really develop your creative potential. When a message from Optiweb popped up in my Linkedin Inbox, I knew exactly what my next career step would be.

Everything is possible. Where there's a will, there's a way.

Fun facts

#1Currently, I’m the oldest team member. And also the shortest male.
#2When driving to work, I always listen to classical music. It calms me down and helps me to observe the speed limits.

They asked me …

Which was your first computer?

ZX Spectrum 48k. Never heard of it? Google it!

What would you do it you never had to go to work?

I would spend my time studying. There are so many interesting fields and so little time.

What is the most important thing when managing a team?

Communicating clearly, transparently and in the right way, along with mutual respect and understanding. One person can do a lot, but a harmonious team can do anything.

What surprised you most upon joining Optiweb?

An open-minded team that is ready to grow.

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