Mitja Rep

Customer Success Manager

My story

Most of my work experience stems from retail and has been shaped by a firm belief that my success can only be measured by my client’s satisfaction. As a mentor and often even “psychologist” to my employees, I’ve been involved in developing numerous successful teams as well as processes based on mutual help and understanding. Opening new retail stores was a challenge I loved very much, but when social media and ecommerce started booming, I made entered the world of digital marketing, aiming to offer online shoppers the same level of service as to those coming to the stores. And this is why I’ve joined Optiweb, a company that has convinced me with a strong vision and customer orientation.

Success is a series of small wins.

Fun facts

#1My height and weight have never prevented me from trying out a new sport.
#2I usually meet my best friends when travelling to the remotest of places.

They asked me …

Do we share any hobbies? I'm always up for a challenge! :)

Your options: kitesurfing, cycling, basketball, motocross, tennis …

What can you tell us about computers?

Since 2003, I’ve only been repeating one thing about computers: “Once an Apple user, always an Apple user.”

What would you do if you didn't have to go to work?

I would travel around the world with my family, spending 3 months in each country to explore it, learn new things and experience different cultures.

The best thing money can't buy.

When my son gives me a hug.

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