Miha Oblišar

Web Developer

My story

A trained developer who avoided programming throughout his secondary school and university years. However, everything changed when I got my first full-time job as an IT consultant. I quickly realised that I find this field interesting, and spent (almost) my entire spare time honing my IT skills. I joined Optiweb as the company convinced me with its vision and enabled me to do what I like most.

There is no defeat. You either win or learn.

Fun facts

#1I used to train ski jumping.
#2Together with my formed band INMATE I took the stage of EMA (Slovene Eurovision Song Contest qualifiers) back in 2021. We were the first metal band in the history of this competition.

They asked me …

Cats or dogs?

Cats. They haven’t forgotten that the ancient Egyptians treated them like gods. ;)

What are your favourite spare-time activities?

Fitness, playing my bass guitar, Brazilian jiu-jitsu (currently on hold), reading good books, watching good TV series…

Any unforgettable experiences?

Tours with bands, vacation in Covid-19 times, when my girlfriend and I had the whole beach to ourselves, a 14-day road trip across the Balkans…

What would you do if you weren’t a developer?

I would definitely work with wood or fix cars as I love fixing broken stuff.

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