Matic Sušnik

Lead Developer

My story

My computer-related story began at the Technical School Centre Kranj. In my second year, I decided to focus on computer science. I excited and interested me so much that, after graduation, I decided to study informatics at the Vocational College Kranj. We had to complete and internship before the end of our studies, which is how I discovered Optiweb, where I still gain new knowledge and experience every day.

Defeats are how we learn to win!

Fun facts

#1Always ready to party.
#2I love sleeping.

They asked me …

What makes your days at Optiweb better?

Coffee, comfortable chairs, relaxed and reliable team, shooting in the hall, company lunch breaks and, of course, interesting projects.

What do you like in Optiweb?

We all get along, we help each other and we know how to have fun. And who could forget the nerf guns during the breaks. :)

What’s the best thing you can still get for no more than €5?

Two beers in a bar or four beers in a store.

What’s the best thing when you wake up in the morning?

Checking your alarm clock and realising you can sleep for another hour.

Let’s start a project