Matic Luznar

Tech Lead

My story

Even as a kid I was interested in computer science. I knew all the computer components and created optimal configurations for specific tasks. But it took me a long time to find something I was truly passionate about. I’ve always liked solving logical problems. As a student, I dabbled in coding and quickly became captivated by it; it combined computer science and logic. I kept refining my skills and eventually got the opportunity to work at Optiweb. I enjoy what I do and look forward to further challenges.

Relax and enjoy.

Fun facts

#1I’m a good listener.
#2I try to seize each moment in life.

They asked me …

Why Optiweb?

Because of its great working environment, the right attitude, and because the work itself that never gets boring.

What excites you most about your work?

Learning on a daily basis, exploring new functionalities, project diversity, problem solving, challenges.

What’s the best thing you can still get for no more than €5?

Five Euros worth of gas that you burn on an empty country road.

What do you consider fun?

Cycling through a beautiful landscape with full strength in my legs, those moments when I can sit behind the wheel, and watching a simple TV show that lets me shut my brain off.

Let’s start a project