Matevž Kne

Web Developer

My story

I’ve always been drawn to technical fields of education, which is why I decided to study computer science and soon found out that I am most interested in programming. During my studies, I joined Optiweb as a trainee and, tackling different exciting challenges and working on actual projects, became quite proficient at developing websites. However, I’ve never stopped learning as working on various projects gives you a diverse set of skills. I can’t wait to see what challenges are coming next.

Time flies when you're having fun.

Fun facts

#1I am terrified of snakes.
#2The number of broken bones so far: 0

They asked me …

Is there an unwritten rule at Optiweb?

Never, and I mean never leave your computer unlocked if your colleagues are close. Of course, almost everyone learns this the hard way.

Are you a morning person?

Of course, it’s much better to find an empty parking lot when you come to work than when you leave.

Favourite sports disciplines?

Stumbling upon something I wouldn’t want to try is a rare occurrence. However, basketball takes first place.

The worst feeling?

When you wake up in panic after you’ve taken an afternoon kip, not quite sure whether you’ve only slept until the evening or it’s a new morning already.

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