Luka Novak

Web Developer

My story

Especially in the last two years, my interest in web development has been steadily growing. I obtained the rudimentary knowledge from this field at the faculty while I gained my first practical experience in my spare time, with the help of the internet. When looking for a student job, I stumbled upon Optiweb’s ad for the Let’s Boost internship. Being a part of it was an amazing experience as it enabled me to expand my developer skills a lot more than expected. After the internship, I was offered a student job and even given the chance to become a full-time team member.

An apple a day does not fall far from the tree.

Fun facts

#1I was a national kickboxing champion, but you don’t have to be afraid of me.
#2I am a football fan.

They asked me …

What do you like most about Optiweb?

A relaxed atmosphere and great coworkers, who are always willing to help. :)

Why programming?

I like problem solving and the challenges such riddles present.

Favourite foods?

Chinese food or a good steak.

Favourite animal?


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