Klemen Lapanja

Lead Developer

My story

Before coming to Optiweb, I had mostly been coding in .Net (BV.net) and hadn’t had much experience with PHP. Optiweb offered me the opportunity to learn, which I made the most of. Six months later, I was already a Magento certified developer.

“Less code, less bugs.”

Fun facts

#1I own an SBach-a 342, the biggest plane in the fleet.
#2Inline hockey rules!

They asked me …

What do you do after work?

You would think that, after a hard working day, I would get some rest. But no, I open Android Studio and learn how to make apps for Android. Occasionally, however, I do go out and get some air. :)

Do you like anything else besides coding?

Yes. I love aircraft modelling. My friends and I meet on a meadow, discuss things and empty our battery supplies.

What makes you an indispensable part of Optiweb?

I make sure my co-workers and I eat lunch at a normal hour. :)

What have you learned in this past week?

That, in a long run, it pays to follow the advice of experienced co-workers. You may not even realise it until you encounter a problem, which you then solve twice as fast as normally.

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