Jan Ražen

Project Manager

My story

The first stop on my career path was the legal department of a bank. Working there, I quickly realised that the corporate world and law aren’t my cup of tea and made a switch to a more dynamic start-up environment. This is how I learned to manage projects, a skill I rely on here at Optiweb.

Those aiming for a goal will remain empty when they achieve it, but those who find a way will always carry the goal inside them. (Nejc Zaplotnik, Slovene climber)

Fun facts

#1I know almost every song by Iztok Mlakar. Despite having no ear for music, I also like to sing these songs aloud.
#2I’ve already visited almost every island between the 13th the 47th parallel north as well as between the 21st meridian west and the 63rd meridian east.

They asked me …

What makes OW different?

The growing complexity of website development, eCommerce, SEO, digital marketing and other online trends means that the optimal solution requires several individuals working closely together. With Optiweb, Miha has managed to bring together so many talented people with a ton of knowledge while at the same time cultivating a culture of teamwork, close bonds and continuous growth. This way, every individual can rely on experts as well as a vast knowledge base, which enables us to find the best possible solution for every single client. What is more, the employees can also learn new specialist skills in their own as well as in other fields.

What would be your advice for someone just starting their career?

Do what makes you happy, find your strengths and develop them further. Once you discover what you do best, invest in yourself and set a clear goal – to be the best at it. Don’t be afraid of failure. And most importantly, don’t listen to your parents and ignore the advice of your grandparents.

What superpower do you find crucial for any project manager?

Our superhero must be capable of successful intergalactic communication with all creatures of the known and unknown universe. They also need to have answers to the ultimate questions regarding life, space and all other things. (42)

What is happiness?

Happiness is discovering something new within the realm of the known – new paths, friendships, recipes … We are incredibly lucky to have found ourselves in this specific time and place. If we’re also healthy, we could hardly wish for anything more – apart from 30 cm of fresh snow, preferably on a beautiful skiing slope.

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