Bojan Hribernik

Lead Developer

My story

I’ve been programming for more than 15 years. For me, this isn’t just work, it’s more of an art. I love listening to podcasts and reading articles, but I love delving into “source” even more. I think technology should serve the people and not the other way around.

Less talking, more action.

Fun facts

#1Mountaineering instructor, climbing and slackline coach.
#2Conquerec the 7000m peak Khan Tengri.

They asked me …


I love climbing, slacklining and hacking.


All-in! I can’t stand half-heartedness. If I do something, I invest my 100 % into this thing.

How about challenges?

I tackled them with a smile on my face. Especially in tough situations.


Less is more. The best line of code is the one that doesn’t exist.

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