Eva Fricelj

Digital Marketing Team Lead

My story

After studying English and Spanish and working in various shops, I ended up in the digital world. Having spent 4 years in one of the biggest e-commerce companies in Slovenia, I not only gained a ton of knowledge but also discovered my passion for managing workflows, leading teams and everything that had digital in it. I plan to utilise as well as expand all this knowledge as a member of Optiweb’s marketing team and I look forward to all the new challenges ahead.

Everything is possible, impossible just takes a while longer.

Fun facts

#1I love animals. When I was younger, my family had a dog, a cat and a rabbit. Nowadays, my animal family consists of two female and one male cat.
#2I finished a classic massage course and worked one year as a hotel masseuse.

They asked me …

Which aspect of your work excites you most?

People (when I can help them discover their superpowers), processes (when everything just works, at least for a while – before one needs to optimise again), the whole picture (which I create on the go) and all the new things I learn about.

Why did you decide to join Optiweb?

I had been following Optiweb for quite a while before joining. I like the company’s vision, the openness and the strategic attitude. All I therefore needed was the right moment, when Miha reached out. What I appreciated most during the hiring process was an open-minded team, all the positive energy and a really thoroughly developed process structure (have I mentioned that I love processes?).

What is your favourite food to cook/bake?

The list is quite long! I like to cook risottos, pasta, soups and Swedish meatballs. I also like to bake pizzas, pies and quiche. Oh, well, now I’m hungry! :)

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you move?

While I adore Slovenia, I would love to live in Scotland, Ireland or Island.

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