Eva Dežman

Accounting Specialist and Assistant in Finance Department

My story

My career started during my university studies, when I worked in a factory and as a dance teacher. After obtaining a degree, I took the opportunity to work in the finance sector, learned a lot and found out that finances are my true passion. Despite having already graduated from HR management, I have a feeling that my real studies have never stopped. Therefore, the opportunity to join Optiweb couldn’t arrive at a better moment and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

Less is more.

Fun facts

#1I hate ironing.
#2I can’t tell a joke. :)

They asked me …

Why Optiweb?

Join yourself and you will find out! ;)

Which are the 3 values you appreciate most?

Respect, responsibility and a goal-oriented mindset.

My first job?

A book and textbook printing facility.

Your biggest wish that hasn’t yet come true?

A house at sea.

Let’s start a project