Anže Skalja

Project Manager

My story

For many years now, I’ve been sailing in the digital waters. I’ve tried practically everything that can be found between the world of marketing and informational technology. I’ve discovered what my strong suits are, I’ve perfected various skills, I’ve broadened my horizons and I found my place as a project manager in Optiweb. Here, I can really use all my competencies, especially when dedicating myself to Magento shops, while I’m not afraid to dive into more exotic projects.

Fish think a lot so they don’t talk much.

Fun facts

#1I'm a tone-deaf musician. I, naturally, play percussion!
#2I deliberately wear non-matching pairs of socks.

They asked me …

How would you explain a non-functioning website to a client?

We’re dealing with a complex problem, which can be simplified with the following metaphor: the server’s hamsters have stopped working. We are currently negotiating with their trade union and are trying to get them back to work.

How would you describe your job to a child?

My boss gives me a bag of candy and some homework. Co-workers who do their homework get a candy, while I make sure that everyone’s homework is done on time. We have loads of fun and we get to eat candy all day long!

What's the first thing you take from Optiweb's cupboard with snacks?

Sour gummies. I also have to fight for Kinder Bueno with the girls from marketing.

Your favorite quote?

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.
– Abraham Lincoln

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