Anja Puc

Project Manager

My story

When I was younger and people asked me about my future plans, I would always come up with the wrong answer :). My passion for athletics brought me a scholarship for an undergraduate study programme in the US, which was absolutely the best experience of my life. Unfortunately, an injury prevented me from continuing my sports career, but I don’t consider this a misfortune as everything happens for a reason. I returned to Slovenia (nothing beats the beauty of our country), found my first job, obtained my master’s degree and gained work experience that ultimately led me to Optiweb.

Everything happens for a reason.

Fun facts

#1My favourite city is Istanbul. It never lets me down.
#2 I always start the day with half a liter of warm lemonade.

They asked me …

What did you learn in 2020, i.e. during the COVID-19 pandemic?

That one must be grateful and seek happiness in little things that we all too often take for granted, be it a simple walk, trying out a new recipe or just a few lazy moments on the sofa. I believe that before the pandemic, we all had too little time for many of these things.

Three things you love are ...

Sports, books and chocolate.

The thing about you that people who’ve just met you find weird.

My collection of shot glasses from all over the world. Currently, my number is 77. Everyone has their thing …

What kind of work environment suits you best?

I prefer environments where the whole team is united by the same vision and, where people communicate transparently and work in a relaxed but still professional atmosphere, and where I have loads of challenging tasks.

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