Alja Viryent

Project Manager

My story

After obtaining a degree in Industrial Design from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, I spent several years investing in as well as managing my own companies. I then joined a marketing agency and further honed my project management skills. Being an adventurous soul, however, I started longing for a change and gathered the courage to embark on a digital marketing journey. Believing that everything is possible, I am convinced that the right team can always achieve the impossible.

If you don't like your current life, it's time to take action!

Fun facts

#1I was a contestant in the reality show Masterchef Slovenija and took 4th place.
#2I played the piano for 11 years.

They asked me …

Which is the craziest dish you've ever cooked?

It was a dessert, a beetroot mousse.

How would you explain your job to your mom?

I translate clients’ ideas and wishes into logically structured tasks, which I then try to explain to my team as clearly as I can, always with the goal of achieving an end result that will impress the client even more than it will impress us.

Which profession would you choose if you had enough money to not care about the salary?

I would found a charity, raising funds through various projects and helping those in need.

What do you do when you are feeling blue?

I ask myself: who do these thoughts belong to? What are they? Can I change these thoughts and if yes, how? And … It works.

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