Saša Fürst

Customer Relations Manager

My story

After I finished my studies of banking and finance, I first tried myself in telecommunications. That is when I came across the saying about the 50% success of investments in marketing and I went to Great Britain to study the accuracy of this saying together with 20 other nationalities. Later on, I found challenges in different marketing and sales roles. Today, I work with the best team and highly motivated customers in helping them with their marketing challenges in Slovenia as well as abroad.

Too much agreement kills a chat.

Fun facts

#1The proud carrier of the torch of the oldest Optiweb member! #greypower
#2With a two-page essay, I won a 3000 GBP scholarship for a study program in Great Britain.

They asked me …

Why are you still not wearing Optiweb slippers?

I really like sneakers. Honest.

What would you most like to find in the new Optiweb offices?

A shower for my morning cycling from Ljubljana to Škofja Loka.

Were you ever legitimately beaten up?

Every time at the first buoy in the swimming part of a triathlon race. #washingmachineeffect

If you were a key on the keyboard, which one would you be?


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