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Teja Jeglich Design

Life isn't perfect, but your bag can be

Teja Jeglič is a top fashion designer, known for her unique backpacks, which are handmade from quality materials with incredible designs.
In Slovenia, she’s known as a fashion trendsetter.
Her products were shown on a presentation website, which was sadly not an eCommerce website. She used Facebook for communicating with her target group. With her quality products she quickly established herself in the world of fashion and the social network Facebook was no longer sufficient as a channel for presenting and selling her products.

eCommerce website:

  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Programming

Before / After

Before the renovation on the left / After the renovation on the right


On our first meeting with the client, we established the goals we wished to achieve with the redesigned website:
1st goal: Mobile first – the analytics showed that most of the users visit the website through mobile phones and not desktop computers. This is why we decided to simultaneously work on two versions of the design – first one for mobile devices and the second one for desktop computers.

2.st goal: Minimalistic design that highlights the unique purses, which more than speak for themselves.

3.st goal: Enabling the easiest purchase process for the users – while designing the structure, we made sure the online shop only included information that are of vital importance for the prospective buyers.

Configurator – design your own unique handbag

Users can design their own unique handbags with the help of our configurator. By selecting individual elements, they can design a handbag that will suit their wishes.

They can use various combinations of material and colors.

Wish List

Usually, it takes a little time to decide which handbag we wish to buy. With a simple click on the heart, we add our favorite products to the Wish List, where the selected products will be waiting for us the next time we visit the website.

A simple purchase process

We wanted to make the purchase process as simple as possible. In the online shop, customers can shop as a registered or non-registered user.

They can add a product in the basket with two simple clicks – they can preview the products or directly add them to the basket. The purchase process consists of one step, which is simple and transparent.


The result, although measured after a very short period after the launch of the website, show great numbers.

The decision to first think about mobile users when designing the eCommerce website has proven to be more than correct. Research shows that the number of purchases through mobile devices is increasing.
The users spent more time on the renewed site; even the time spent on desktop computers increased for more than 50%. Here, a lot of credit goes to the configurator, where users can choose from endless possibilities of unique backpacks.
An increase in the number of pages per session partly corresponds to the increase in the average time spent on the website. Instead of viewing 4 pages, the users viewed approximately 12 pages per session.

of all purchases through mobile or tablet devices
increase of the average time spend on the website
increase in the number of pages per session

Time for a new WooCommerce shop?

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The team behind the project

A good team is what makes a project great. These were the guys who planned and visualized the entire page, who wrote the code when they should already be sleeping and who strategically targeted the desired customers.

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