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We bring tenderness into dentistry

A client that also decided on redesigning their website was the dental practice Modri zob. The company has its practices in Kranj, Ljubljana and Ptuj and they differ from their competition by being extremely sympathetic and having a strong sense for quality and relaxation. The goal of the redesign was to highlight the above-mentioned advantages, which were not very visible on the previous website. The new website therefore includes numerous animations, illustrations and icons.


  • Planing
  • Design
  • Programming

Before / After

Before the renovation on the left / After the renovation on the right

Home page

The practice Modri zob differs from its competition by its philosophy and the fact they have their practices in three cities, so we made sure to highlight their way of work, their principle and the information about the three practices in Slovenia.


The specialty of the website is the functionality of the footer. When the user chooses the closest practice, the footer will adjust the opening hours of the practice and the navigation link. The choice of the practice remains the same after all further visits to the website.

The user will of course always be able to choose a different practice in the footer.


The team of Modri zob prepared a lot of useful content – our goal was to present a large amount of information in an easy-to-read, user-friendly way.

The content is always supported with images.


Zoboznalec is a page where users can find an archive of the most common questions and answers from the field of dentistry, while users can also pose a question to the team of Modri zob’s dentists. The goal was to make a simple and clear structure of the website that will provide useful information to the user.


The entire website contains approximately 20 different graphics of teeth, presenting the services and enlivening the website with their animations.

We mostly wanted to show their services in a friendly/sympathetic way and this way get closer to the customers, especially the ones who are afraid of dentists or ashamed in front of them.


The numbers of the redesigned website show positive results. Especially the carefully planned structure of the website and preparing quality and useful content for the user contributed to the fact that the number of visitors greatly increased through organic visits.

The average time a user spends on the website also increased. The strategic placement of call-to-action buttons has contributed to a significant increase in the submitted inquiries.

increase of users through organic hits
increase in the average time spent
increase in the number of submitted inquiries


Since our first meeting with Optiweb until the end of the project, everything was running smoothly. The fact that the team understands the client’s wishes and then even upgrades them with their own advice is priceless. We approved the very first design and layout of the website, because it was truly perfected and it embodied exactly what we wished for. So, a great team with an amazing result.

Tomaž Dolinar, DMD

Dentist at Modri zob

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The team behind the project

A good team is what makes a project great. These were the guys who planned and visualized the entire page, who wrote the code when they should already be sleeping and who strategically targeted the desired customers.

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