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Functional training equipment

KingsBox is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art equipment for functional training with an amazing quality-price ratio and with a vision to connect all European athletes who share their enthusiasm over this sport. KingsBox equipment is characterized by high quality, certified by the label “Designed and made in Europe”. Their great advantage is also a very strong customer support – they’re quick, friendly and they know how to listen to all of their clients.

eCommerce website:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Programming

Before / After

Before the renovation on the left / After the renovation on the right

Starting points

Our client had clearly defined goals at the beginning of the project. They wanted an efficient and user-friendly online shop, which will clearly present their offer on all devices and will help build the credibility of the brand KingsBox.

The main goals of the new eCommerce site were an increase in organic visits and the improvement of conversions.

Through a thorough analysis of the client, a revision of their old website, the visitor behavior, an analysis of the competition and an analysis of main keywords, we designed a strategy for creating a user experience that will result in a higher number of conversions.

A more transparent offer

Since the shop has a wide array of various products, we used the mega menu for an easier navigation through the website, where the main categories are illustrated by photos. The categories are defined according to types of sports and subcategories according to the intended use of individual products.

When defining the categories, we took into account the results of our keyword analysis.

We wanted the website’s image to reflect power, so we used strong fonts and black color in the head and footer. The site is full of quality photographs, portraying not only the products but also their use.

Increasing credibility

We made sure to clearly communicate the main advantages of the brand KingsBox through the entire visitor journey and to raise the credibility among customers. The guarantees of quality, certificates of simple delivery and various contact channels are therefore systematically placed across the website.

We also added a set of subpages titled “For the user”. Here, website visitors can find in one place all the answers to the questions they get when browsing through the site.

Clear product presentation

On the product pages visitors can find detailed product descriptions, photos of the products, customer reviews, information about the delivery and return and all the contact information a potential buyer might need when deciding on a purchase.

Seeing how the products in the KingsBox’s offer can be quite heavy, we’ve also added a calculation of postage costs. This function is especially important for the Italian version of the shop because, there, the prices can greatly vary depending on the region.

Besides simple and variable products, the website also offers a display and purchase of more complex products. They are composed from different components that the buyers can easily combine and therefore create the most suitable product for themselves.

Royal Family and KingsBox athletes

In accordance with KingsBox’s vision to encourage mutual cooperation and connecting functional training enthusiasts from Europe, we dedicated one part of the page to the introduction of the idea behind the Royal Family club. Buyers who decide to equip their gyms with KingsBox equipment get a promotion from the side of KingsBox and are accepted into the Royal Family club.

The club membership includes, among other things, the presentation of the gym on its very own KingsBox subpage. KingsBox is also selecting various athletes, who are presented on the website through interesting personal interviews.


The eCommerce website is efficiently addressing the target groups and is raising the level of the brand’s credibility. The results, taken after a period of one year after the launch of the new online shop, show great numbers that confirm we’ve achieved all of the set goals.

After the redesign, the website gets as many as 288% more visits, the level of conversion is 63% higher, while the average purchase value increased for 45%.

increase in the level of conversions
increase in income
increase in the average purchase value


Optiweb is extremely responsive. All of our problems are solved the very same day and they are always there for our team and all of our questions.

Luka Železnik

CEO, KingsBox

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