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Quality products for toddlers and moms

Evitas is a children’s store, offering carefully selected clothes and accessories, primarily for children up to 4 years of age. The store follows the global trends and sells quality products that are safe to use as well as very pleasant and appealing. The brand was established by a young mom, who is creative and very artistic, which can be seen in the esthetics of her products.

Online store

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Before / after

Before the renovation on the left / After the renovation on the right

Warmth and trust

The online store Evitas is primarily visited by women between 25 and 44 years. Evitas’ products are intended for young mothers and small children, so it is of vital importance that the store gives the sense of trust and warmth.

An emphasis is given to top-quality photographs, accompanied by a soft and unobtrusive design that invites the visitors to browse and research the store.

I want to buy everything!

A unique and carefully selected offer excites the visitors so much that it’s sometimes hard to decide what they want to choose.

This is why we added a very clear Wish list; now the users can simply mark all the products they like and save them in one place. At the end of all the browsing and researching, it is easier for users to decide what to add to their basket.

A detailed and attractive product presentation

When shopping for younger children, it’s very important that moms get the answers to all the questions that arise in their heads. At the same time, they want to make sure that they’re getting a quality offer. The products are therefore presented with a detailed description and photographs and, in the majority of cases, also with Instagram photos of actual users.

The best things come in a set

The specialty of Evitas’ offer are sets of clothes with cute and funny graphics for the whole family. In the first step, the user chooses a graphic she wishes to share with her family and then she can easily create a set of customized pieces of clothing in the desired size and color for each family member.


Since the data from the previous version of the store isn’t available, it is impossible to provide any comparison of results of the redesigned online store.
However, the response from the side of the users is incredibly positive and it shows that the redesign successfully meets the set goals and helps build a digital identity of the brand Evitas.

The new store has received many praises from its visitors, who on average look at 6 pages per session and spend 3.5 minutes on the site.
The store efficiently follows the rapid development of the brand. Namely, Evitas regularly upgrades and expands its offer, while the WooCommerce platform enables simple theme adjustment to various changes.


A great team and relationship and very quality work. I think they exceeded all our expectations and we now have a beautiful online store Evitas. One of the better decisions was entrusting you with the development. If I had to choose again, I’d again choose you! Keep up the good work!

Eva Birsa

Director of sales and marketing

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The team behind the project

A good team is what makes a project great. These were the guys who planned and visualized the entire page, who wrote the code when they should already be sleeping and who strategically targeted the desired customers.

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