Web development can sometimes be a really demanding job, but success is inevitable if you’re focused and persistent enough.

Development of my web page

When the development of your page starts, you’re already seeing the finish line. It becomes really intense behind the scenes at this stage of the process. Coders are doing their wizardry, texts are being put on your page and the initial tests are being run. All of that and much more just so your page can run properly.

Content management system

Our web pages are made on Wordpress and Magento platforms, so it’s easier for you to manage your own content. Developers take the coding process very seriously; the code should not only look pretty, but it should also function properly.

On-site search engine optimization

If you want to run a successful business, your customers need to find you. We not only build your website, we also register your domain and take care of URL links, metadata, alt tags, redirections and more, that way your page is search engine optimized.

Social media integration

Social media is a big trend on the web nowadays. Making yourself visible on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter can boost your business; we design your site in a way that customers can easily find social media networks you’re active on, while browsing your page.

Different devices and browsers adaptation

There’s a lot of diversity amongst us; some people prefer browsing on Internet Explorer, others on Firefox or Chrome. Adaptation to all devices and software is crucial in creating a good user experience, so we also arrange that for you.

Loading speed optimization

Nobody has time nowadays nor wants to wait for a site that takes too long to load. Testing different elements and approaches on your page is a part of our development; that way we can make it responsive and fast.

Testing phase

As we’ve mentioned earlier, we do a lot of tests on your page. We assure all links lead to the right content, that all effects and forms work properly and that all of the data is in the right place.

Final checks and launch of your website

In this final stage, we go through all the texts again and check for grammatical errors and possible missing links, and we also include the code that monitors traffic and statistics for your page, so you have the data at your fingertips anytime. Your presence in the virtual world has begun on a whole new level; it’s time to start making some money.

Ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work?