We’re full of ideas and positive energy; this is also reflected in the work we do.

Our values

Believes that tie us together and keep us going.  

Positive Energy

Positive energy and a good attitude between us and our clients are crucial for good cooperation. Only in mathematics do two minuses together make a plus, but in real life good relations result in a better solution and possible obstacles become challenges we strive to overcome.


Curiosity is important as it enhances learning and helps finding better solutions. We closely monitor current web trends, and we always search for ways to improve which is evident in our products. We’re never scared of testing new approaches; if they don’t work, we can always choose another path.


Gorenjska’s stubbornness

Every area in Slovenia is known for something; the area of Gorenjska where we’re located is known for stubbornness and that reflects in our work; we don’t stop until everything’s working as it should be. Stubbornness assures us that all of our projects meet deadlines without flaws.

We don’t take shortcuts

Shortcuts are one thing we don’t take while working on your project. We exert great effort to provide you with a website that is unique and easily manageable with all necessary tools for the job, while still maintaining a great user experience overall.

Ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work?