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What did we do:
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Project description

 The Glorialook SEO case study shows how we successfully improved the store’s rankings in search engines which led to increase in sales and revenue.

The Business

For the company ML Group l.l.c. we created a clothing, footwear and fashion accessories web store. Since nowadays it is almost impossible to be successful without SEO, the owners decided to invest in it. Here are the first results.

The challenge and the Goals

Our client’s goal was to improve the positions of keywords in search engines, which would improve sales and lead to higher profits. We decided to organize these goals systematically:

- greater company visibility
- more store visits
- better ranking in search engines
- appropriate categorization and subcategorization of the products
- landing pages optimization

The methods

In the early stages of creating a web store we determined the best online structure that would be aesthetic looking, easy to use and search engine friendly at the same time. We also carried out an extensive keyword analysis, and we used the following tools:

 - Google KeyWord Planner : Keyword Analysis

- SEO SpyGlass and Ahrefs : Review of existing links, competition analysis

After the keyword analysis we modified the menu structure of the online store and also performed on-site SEO. Upon launching the store we started doing offsite optimization as well. We’ve been monitoring the positions of optimized keywords ever since, using Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools), Position Spider.

The results

During the process of making an online store we moved it to a different domain and redirected all the old pages to the new ones. Shortly after, we did an extensive keyword analysis (together with the client) and chose the keywords we wanted to optimize. We arranged the menu structure, the structure of URL addresses, names and sub-categories. Our developers took care of properly implementing the rel = canonical tags, in order to avoid duplicate content, which can, in many cases, affect SEO in a negative manner. In accordance with the selected keywords we wrote the meta data. We connected the store to Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Lastly we advised our client on the preparation of additional content, which also contributed to better search engine rankings.

The offsite SEO started immediately after the launch of the site and we have been doing it every month. We have paid attention to changes in Google algorithms every month and adapted when necessary. We have been regularly monitoring the data in Google Webmaster Tools,  checking keyword positions with our software Position Spider and the number of store visits using Google Analytics. We’ve been in contact with the client on the monthly basis regarding possible improvements.

The results and analysis



We initially agreed for optimization of 53 keywords and soon we saw the improvement in 5 out of 58 keywords. Before starting the optimization only one keyword was on the first page. All the rest were between pages 4-10. After three months we managed to move to the first page with 7 keywords, and we progressed with all other keywords as well. 

We have been performing SEO for seven months now and 26 keywords from a total of 58 among are now among the first three hits on Google, 14 of them are in the first place. Of all the keywords, 39 are located on the very first page of search results.

Keywords that bring the most website visits are: elegant dresses, evening dresses, formal dresses, skirts and thong.




Monthly visits through search engines and sales increase

We started doing SEO in October 2015.

In 7 months of actively optimizing the keywords the number of visitors coming through search engines increased by 690%, which is more than all other digital channels combined.

The optimized keywords represent the main source of organic traffic and deliver the highest ROI (higher than all other channels).






Keyword positions

We have been optimizing 58 keywords and you can see their positions in the table below. Note that the keywords are translated (the optimization was performed for Slovenian keywords).

Before optimization
Position on 15.5.2016
clothing web store
fashionable women’s clothing
women’s dresses
women’s elegant dresses
women’s trousers
women’s evening dresses
women’s suits
bikini swimsuits
elegant dresses
fashionable clothing
plus size dresses
sexy underwear

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"We are extremely pleased with the SEO that Aleš from Optiweb has done for us.

We are fully aware that there is a lot of competition in the field of fashion and clothing so it’s actually really hard to get good rankings in search engines.

Despite that, Aleš managed to bring our store to the first page of the search results which greatly improved the organic traffic and purchases and the number still continues to rise.

We absolutely recommend investing in SEO and make sure you choose the right professional for it – Optiweb are the experts on this field, that is for sure!"

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